‘The Tip’ is history in Seattle as Richard Sherman works to unblock 49ers fans on Twitter

Richard ShermanRichard Sherman
Richard Sherman in his new San Francisco 49ers uniform. (Instagram Photo / @rsherman25)

In Seattle, we loved Richard Sherman for “The Tip.” In San Francisco, they’ll come to love him for the unblock.

Sherman, the former Seahawks star who signed with the 49ers during the offseason, had a habit of blocking disrespectful fans on Twitter. Many of those fans happened to root for the Niners and against the All-Pro cornerback, especially after his 2013 NFC Championship play in Seattle that beat SF and sent the Seahawks to their first Super Bowl.

Now Sherman wants those same fans in his corner, and he’s asking for help in identifying anyone he’s blocked in the past on the social media platform.

Niners Nation reported that Sherman was previously expecting those he blocked to make a donation to his charity in order to regain access to his tweets. But he’s clearly softened that stance, and his Sunday post shows numerous replies in which fans have offered up a blocked account that needs his attention, and Sherman has been replying with “done.”

If he unblocks Michael Crabtree, than Seahawks fans really have lost No. 25 from their hearts forever.

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