The Terrorbyte and Oppressor MK II Will Wreak Havoc in GTA Online Starting Tomorrow


The Terrorbyte and Oppressor MK II Will Wreak Havoc in GTA Online Starting Tomorrow

August 13, 2018Written by Lucas White

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A new update is coming to GTA Online tomorrow, primarily introducing two new vehicles. One is an update to an already absurdly powerful “hyperbike,” while the other is a mobile command unit, which gives players access to the “Nerve Center” on the go.

The Oppressor MK II is an upgraded version of its predecessor, which itself was already a ridiculous, rocket-powered, hovering bike-thingy. It’s a motorcycle that doesn’t have wheels, instead opting for a literal jet engine underneath the seat that propels prospective, criminal night club owners to speeds that would almost certainly kill them in real life.

The Terrorbyte is a massive operations vehicle, and with it comes the “Nerve Center.” Inside lives a supercomputer (outfitted with a touch screen!) that grants access to Paige’s app, which lets the player hack into illicit businesses as well as start Client Jobs. With the Terrorbyte, players can command turret and drone stations, lock onto multiple targets and launch missiles, and even customize their Oppressor MK II, the ultimate escape vehicle.

Through the Client Jobs system, six new Jobs allow players to use their resources and personnel, or just themselves, to take on various tasks such as robberies, security hacks, and more. You can also use the Terrorbyte to hack into your own businesses in order to launch Steak and Resupply efforts while on the move.

This GTA Online update launches tomorrow, after which point you’ll be able to find both of these vehicles in stock at Warstock Cache and Carry.


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