The next Windows 10 update to introduce new PWA features

PWAs in Microsoft Store

PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are the hot topic which Microsoft
is currently talking about. Microsoft had added the PWAs
support for Windows 10 users with the arrival of Windows 10
April 2018 update.

The PWAs are web apps which are developed based on the Service
Workers which are available only for Windows 10 users on PCs
and Laptops. These Web apps work offline and provide support
for notifications, Live Tile and more.

Microsoft at its First day of the Build Conference 2018
yesterday revealed that the PWAs will be receiving more support
and features in the company’s upcoming major update Redstone 5.

The PWAs will be getting new display options with the next
version of Windows 10. The Insiders will be the first people to
be able to get their hands on the display options for PWAs.

The company is planning to offer two new display modes full
screen and minimal UI, the full screen mode lets users remove
the back button while also removing the navigation controls.

With the minimal UI option users will be able to control new
browser elements like back, forward, refresh from being
displayed on the screen. Twitter has already launched it PWA
application for Windows 10 users on PC and Mobile.

The developers who invest in PWAs need not submit a new update
with features in the Microsoft Store. The changes or features
which are added to the PWAs on Windows 10 will automatically be
available for the app on other platforms and vice versa.

The addition of display modes is just a minor feature which
Microsoft is adding to the PWAs with many such new features
expected to arrive in the near future. Off late there has been
lot of PWAs which have been added to the Microsoft Store like
Trivago, Twitter and more.

With the introduction of PWAs, Microsoft plans to reduce the
app gap that has been created and is trying to lure developers
to start developing PWAs or Progressive Web Apps for its
Windows 10 platform with minimal effort and maximum result
since the PWAs allow for features to be added in the back end
and also provide cross platform support.

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