The next Windows 10 update might cut down on bloatware

Windows 10 bloatware

When you buy a new device, you expect it to be clean with fewer
apps. Unfortunately, most new Windows 10 PCs are clogged with
unnecessary preloaded software from Microsoft and OEMs, and
even the clean install of the OS includes unwanted apps, such
as 3D Viewer and Paint 3D.

According to Microsoft, 3D Viewer, Paint 3D and other 3D
programs are geared towards ‘creators’ or ‘artists’, but
there’s no denying that these are bloatware for some folks. The
good news is that the tech giant is finally planning to reduce
the bloatware on Windows 10 and the changes have already
arrived in Insider builds.

With the Sun Valley update, Microsoft is making unpopular
features and apps ‘optional’ to create a pure Windows
experience on a clean install.

Starting with Windows 10 version 21H2, 3D Viewer and Paint 3D
apps are going away. If you’re a creator, you can always
download them from Windows Store.

Next up is “3D Objects”, which is an empty folder located under
the ‘Shortcuts’ section of File Explorer. In the upcoming
feature update, that unwanted folder is also going away.

3D Objects folder

In addition to these 3D apps and folders, Microsoft is also
removing the “Math Input Panel”, another unpopular feature that
allowed advanced users to use input devices to write
mathematical formulas and insert them into different types of

It’s worth noting Microsoft has already made these changes to
the preview builds. Today, if you install Windows 10 preview
update using an ISO file, you’re not going to see these apps,
features and folders anymore.

We’re expecting the changes to go live in the production builds
with version 21H2 (Sun Valley), which is expected to launch in
October or November.

Cortana lives

Microsoft’s latest decision to remove unnecessary features is
driven by consumer demand for a cleaner, smoother Windows
experience with no bloatware, but there are some exceptions.

For now, it looks like the company is not going to add an
uninstall option for apps like Cortana (although
you can uninstall or disable the digital assistant in May
2020 Update or newer).

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