The more stable channels of Microsoft Edge may be coming soon

Microsoft Edge Beta

Microsoft recently launched the new Edge web browser, which it
built on top of Chromium open-source project. The brand-new
Edge is only available through Dev channel, which receives
weekly updates, and “Canary” which is updated regularly.

Microsoft says it is working on a “beta” version of Edge that
will receive updates every six weeks and offer a more stable
experience. A Stable branch will be launched as well.

It seems that the beta version of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge
can be downloaded from here and it works
without any problems. Unlike the Edge Dev and Canary builds,
the unreleased beta version of Edge is still on the Chromium
76. Several features, including dark mode settings is missing
in the beta version.

Edge Beta

If you replace beta with stable in the URL, you should be able
to download the installer of Edge stable, but the installer
will fail to execute the download with the following error

  • There was a problem installing due to a server issue.

It’s worth noting that the Beta channel previously leaked in
May and it has always been possible to download browser through
this trick.

In a Reddit
AMA, Edge engineering team stated that the Beta version is
not waiting on anything related to Microsoft’s commits to

“…We’re trying our best to build out a great experience that
will be ready for everyone to try,” a Edge engineer noted.

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