The Gadget World – Best Technology Available on Today’s Market

The Gadget World – Best Technology Available on Today’s Market
The Gadget World – Best Technology Available on Today’s Market
The Gadget World – Best Technology Available on Today’s Market

The Gadget World – Best Technology Available on Today’s Market – When it comes to the best things to buy online, some people really want to have the most up-to-date brand and items in their life. It is a fact that nowadays we are living with technology and robot. Since those things help humans to do their job, it seems normal if some people want to always update what they have.

Besides, some of us are living in the gadget world where gadgets become part of their life. In this article, we have several top-notch tech and items you must buy if you are the kind of person who always wants to have the most up-to-date gadgets and technology. Also, if budget is not your main concern then you need to consider buying those things.

Best Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Even though there are several names of a smartphone in this category, many people agree that the Galaxy S9 is the best of the best ones. It has a big screen and a wonderful set of cameras. The price starts from USD 567 and you can find it online too.

The main reason why this smartphone is the best from the rest is that it features an extremely excellent camera in low light. This smartphone is equipped with dual cameras of 12MP and a wide camera aperture. Other than that, it has a premium build quality so the price really speaks for its appearance both performance and look.

However, some people might think that its AR Emoji mode is overpraised. Other than that, most of the features from these smartphones are not too different from the Galaxy S8 Plus. Still, if you are looking for a smartphone with the best camera and best screen then Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus might win your heart.

Best Laptop: Huawei MateBook X Pro

This year might also be a good year for the tech enthusiasts because Huawei MateBook X Pro will give you things you need when it comes to a laptop. This item is available with Intel Core i5 to i7 and the RAM ranges between 8GB and 16GB. With this generous RAM, Huawei also provides 512GB storage capacity. The price starts from USD 1,143 and it might be one of the best things to buy online.

This laptop is considered as the best one in 2019 because it features a stunning design and fantastic display. It is also equipped with long-lasting battery life. However, there is no SD card slot so you need to use the card reader on your own. Besides, the webcam is not that great.

Best TV: Samsung Q9FN QLED

This television was basically produced and released in 2018 but it still holds the place of the best technology when it comes to television. The price starts from USD 2,597 and you need to compare from one online store to another to get the best deal. We consider this product as the best one due to several reasons.

This product has fixed the main issue from its predecessor on the contrast. Now, this TV is equipped with the Full Array Local Dimming. Its technology makes a brighter yet more colorful image that you may never find from its competitors. It also produced a powerful yet rounded sound even though you do not install an external sound system. However, the viewing angles might be limited compared to its rivals.

Best Game Console: PS4 Pro

Who does not love playing games? And when it comes to a game console then Sony will always be the winner in this section. If you own a 4K TV at home then PS4 Pro would be a good pair. With the price under USD 400, you will also get a 1TB hard drive. Even though its rival, the Xbox from Microsoft, fought consistently but we would say that Sony had finally won this battle. However, it is the lack in the 4K Blu-ray player. Other than that, the Pro Mode support is not for all games.

Best fitness tracker: Moov Now

Everyone seems so attached to their fitness tracker. Nowadays we can find so many brands that manufacture this wrist watches that also offer a series of excellent features. But in this section, we would say that Moov Now is the best one. The price starts from USD 42 and considered as cheap but provides a bunch of technology hacks.

It does not have a screen and there is no GPS tracking as well that commonly adopted by fitness tracker. However, you will be amazed by its battery life that could stand awake up to six months. This watch will allow you to track your fitness activity such as steps, sleep patterns, fitness, running, and many more. The only con is its limited feature and no screen.

Best camera: Nikon Z6

Photography is not just a hobby because people also use it as a making-money activity. This is why it is important to always have an up-to-date camera. If you are a person who prefers a mirror-less camera over anything then the Z6 would be a good option for you. The price starts from USD 1,996.

It refined handling suits you who loves the gadget world from youth age. It also produces high-quality pictures. This camera is simply a favorable item both for pros and enthusiasts. However, you may be not too pleased with its limited buffer depth as well as the XQD support which is also limited.

Best smartwatch: Samsung Galaxy Watch

This item is an upgraded version from its predecessor, the Gear 3. This watch is compatible with both iOS and Android OS. It also makes a tough rival for the Apple Watch for sure. The price starts from USD 245 and it offers an impressive battery life that could stay awake for 4 days. It has a rotating bezel that will be useful to operate your watch just like a charm.

However, some people consider that its charger is a bit annoying. Also, Bixby is not that great. Since it is using the Tizen OS, it is a bit hard to find the availability of its app. Still, this smartwatch is one of the best things to buy online when it comes to the top-notch latest technology.

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