The first Surface Duo camera sample impresses

Surface Duo camera first look

In the last couple of weeks, the Surface Duo has been
criticized by some users for its technical specs, especially
the camera specs of the Surface Duo, even though nobody can
tell if this dual-screen phone takes good pictures or not.

Surface Duo comes with an 11-megapixel adaptive camera 11MP,
f/2.0, 1.0 µm, and 84.0° diagonal. The FOV has been optimized
with AI for front and rear. The camera supports auto mode with
low-light, HDR and dynamic range scene detection.

In addition, Duo also comes with support for portrait mode with
adjustable depth control, panorama mode, and burst mode.

While Microsoft’s first-ever Android device is expected to
begin shipping on September 10, Surface Duo is already
available for demo at the AT&T and Best Buy stores in the
United States.

A user today shared photos that they say were taken from the
Surface Duo at an offline store. It should be noted that
internet uploads compress photos so we might not be looking at
the actual camera quality, but the photos give us a very good
idea of what to expect from the Surface Duo’s camera.

As you can see in the photos embedded above, Surface Duo camera
is not at all terrible, especially if you consider that this is
coming from a unique form factor that is incredibly thin.

While the Surface Duo’s 11-megapixel camera won’t stand up
against flagship smartphones these days, the camera performance
is not that important for such a device. The camera is not
Microsoft’s concern in the first place because the company
doesn’t see the Surface Duo as a smartphone.

Microsoft describes the Surface Duo as a dual-screen device
focused on mobile productivity, so it’s not a typical
smartphone that should have a great camera to succeed in the

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