The Best Technology Law Blog As Learning

The Best Technology Law Blog As Learning
The Best Technology Law Blog As Learning
The Best Technology Law Blog As Learning

The Best Technology Law Blog As Learning – The digital transformation that is being traversed by the world has directly affected not only the private sector but also public services. With the use of established technology in society, practices related to law tend to change following this trend. And this is not just about implementing certain tools every day. The way the industry operates tends to undergo a revolution in which society as a whole participates more actively in the process. As a place for us to learn along with the best technology law blog as learning.

The Best Technology Law Blog As Learning

E Smart Contracts Blockchain

The Blockchain concept is related to the goal of reducing the bureaucracy involved in certain processes. The platform that has been used aims to digitize certain procedures, not only reducing the amount of paper spent, but also optimizing the chain of approval and closure in the legal world. With key-security technology, such systems are able to integrate processes in one place, giving stakeholders appropriate access to contracts or approval flows, according to what is their responsibility.

Atendimento Omnichannel ao cidadão

A rather emerging problem with regard to government institutions is improving citizen services. Technology, of course, has many things to offer and we can already see some systems that tend to revolutionize such communication in the near future. The Omnichannel concept, initially in the retail environment, involves integrating all corporate communication channels, which aims to ensure a good experience for consumers on any platform.


Not today that we have heard of a future digital identification system that will replace traditional citizen documents. However, this possibility has never been as close as this has become a reality as it is now in the era of information digitalization. In 2016, Italy joined the e-ID system, or “electronic identification”, following in the footsteps of other European countries. The benefits, in fact, are far greater than what was imagined 20 years ago when this discussion was already hot enough. This is the best technology law blog as learning.

IoT e Smart Cities

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities – is connected in a clear way, but still challenging for public services. The first is to connect to the web of several devices from day to day – from equipment (refrigerators, stoves, etc.) to our gadgets (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Smart Cities, meanwhile, targets people whose operations are optimized through technology. Automatic monitoring devices, for example, can act in lighting and urban security. In hospitals, smart devices allow patients to be monitored more efficiently, improve relevant data and produce reports. You can follow this the best technology law blog as learning.

Open Data

For many people, the concept is still blurred. However, Open Data has the potential to revolutionize the way we contribute to the communities in which we live. Roughly speaking, open data is provided to interested parties, and can be used, evaluated, shared and so on. In public service, this problem is very important. After all, should information relating to the government be available to residents to be accessed? Improving service efficiency is a good example of how we can benefit from Open Data. And with the advent of Big Data, the impact of the policies implemented can be measured and monitored by all stakeholders with adequate technical knowledge.

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