Terra Battle 2 North American chronicle to close down on Sep 3


Thank we for personification Terra Battle 2.

In approval of a existence that we can't continue to offer a top turn of peculiarity that a valued players deserve, it is with a complicated heart that we announce that use for a North American Android and iOS versions of Terra Battle 2 will be close down during 10:00 PM PDT on Sep 3, 2018.

We are deeply contemptible that it has come to this and unequivocally bewail vouchsafing we down. Your ardent support has helped us get this far, and we will be perpetually grateful for it.

Below greatfully find serve sum per a shutdown schedule.

▼10:00 PM PDT on Jun 3, 2018

  • Shutdown notice (this notice) is posted
  • Sale of Super Energy is halted
  • North American versions of a Terra Battle 2 Android and iOS apps are private from their particular stores

*Once private from a Android/iOS app stores, a app can't be re-installed after deletion. Should we intend to continue personification until a shutdown, greatfully be clever not undo a app by mistake.

*If we had not updated to a latest chronicle before a app was private from a Android/iOS stores, afterwards we might not be means to play past this date.

▼10:00 PM PDT on Sep 3, 2018

  • Service for a North American Android and iOS versions of Terra Battle 2 is close down
  • Customer support for a North American chronicle of Terra Battle 2 is no longer offered

*The diversion can't be played past this date.

*Player information and Energy can't be common or eliminated between a North American chronicle and a Japanese chronicle (and clamp versa).

➡Regarding Normal and Super Energy

Normal and Super Energy in your possession can continue to be used until use for a diversion is close down. Any new Normal and Super Energy that stays during a time of shutdown will be forfeit, so greatfully use it before then.

➡ Message from Hironobu Sakaguchi (Terra Battle 2 Producer)

Dear Our North American Terra Battle 2 Players,

It is with a complicated heart we announce that in a entrance months, we will be finale support for a North American chronicle of Terra Battle 2. Service for a diversion will finish on Tuesday, Sep 3rd, 2018 and In-App Purchases will be private from a diversion immediately.

We bewail carrying to announce this news to we all, who have sexually upheld us given before a game’s release. Withdrawing support for Terra Battle 2 is not something we do lightly. The diversion will always be changed to myself, Fujisaka, and a whole Mistwalker team, as we know it is to a fans. We are really grateful for a extraordinary village that has grown alongside a games, and we will continue to work tough to grow alongside we in a destiny endeavors. From a Reddit community, to a Discords and a tough operative Wiki team… To several Facebook and other amicable groups, we can't demonstrate how most your support means to us.

Sadly, Terra Battle 2 was met with astonishing struggles, creation it severe for a group to say a tolerable and beguiling experience.

We will continue building games, reflecting on a believe from this game, to move new practice to fans around a world. The Mistwalker group and we are tough during work brainstorming destiny projects, with all of a believe that Terra Battle 2 has postulated us. We wish for a universe of Terra to live on, though a format, timing, and methods are still different to us during this time.

Thank we for your bargain and for being a fans,
Hironobu Sakaguchi

➡Contacting Customer Support

If this shutdown notice does not residence a regard that we have, greatfully hit Customer Support by one of a following channels:

  • In-game: Navigate to a World screen, daub a rigging idol in a upper-left corner, afterwards corkscrew down and daub “Support.”
  • Website: Click “Contact” during a bottom of a FAQ page.

We unequivocally appreciate we for personification Terra Battle 2. Although a diversion will be close down shortly, we wish that we continue to suffer it to a end.

To cultivatable journeys opposite Terra and beyond!

The North American Terra Battle 2 Team
June 3, 2018

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