TCL shows foldable phone prototype with 7.2-inch display and four cameras

TCL foldable smartphone display

TCL has shown that it’s interested in launching a foldable smartphone, and at this year’s CES the company once again teased its foldable plans.

TCL is showing off a new foldable prototype at CES 2020 that has a 7.2-inch plastic display when opened. There’s no front camera on the inside of the phone, CNET reports, but there are four cames on the backside of the device including a super wide angle cam and a macro snapper.

It’s also got a colorful prism design on the outside and folds up into the shape of a passport. Other reported specs for the TCL foldable include 5G support, Android, and likely either a Snapdragon 765 or 765G processor.

TCL foldable four rear cameras

This device is still very much in the prototype phase, and its performance was described as being slow to respond at times. TCL doesn’t have a launch date or even a name for this device, though, so there’s plenty of time for it to iron out the software and hardware before release.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about this foldable is that it’s expected to be more affordable than other foldable smartphones. The Motorola Razr is $1,500 and the Galaxy Fold is nearly $2,000, which is a major barrier to entry for most folks. Foldable display tech is still early and so device is going to be cheap, but if TCL can get its foldable down to a more affordable price point, it could convince more people to take the foldables plunge.

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