TCL foldable prototype has trifold design, 10-inch unfolded display

TCL trifold foldable phone prototype

One of the benefits of foldable phones is that they let you carry a compact, folded up device that unfolds to get you a much larger screen when you want it. We’ve seen existing foldable phones offer 7 and 8-inch displays when opened, and now a new TCL prototype is pushing that unfolded screen size into the double digits.

TCL has made a prototype foldable device with a trifold design that, when fully opened, will get you a 10-inch display. A report from CNET shows off several photos of the device, which is still very much a prototype because it doesn’t even have a working screen quite yet. 

With its trifold design, this TCL device can be folded into several different positions. For example, you could fold one of the panels under and use part of the screen as a keyboard while using another part as your display. You can also fold up all three parts into a more traditional smartphone form factor that’s a bit thicker than normal smartphones.

TCL trifold foldable prototype 10-inch screen

Because this device is still a prototype, TCL doesn’t have a release date, price, or even a concrete spec list for it. The device’s current spec list is said to include a 10-inch display when unfolded, four rear cameras, a single front-facing cam, a USB-C port, an iridescent finish, and no 3.5mm headphone jack.

This trifold design enables the foldable to offer a bigger screen size when unfolded but a smaller, more traditional smartphone size when folded up. Having a device that can unfold into a 10-inch tablet when unfolded but can also fit in your pocket when folded up is pretty appealing, but for now we’ll just have to use our imaginations since this TCL device is still a prototype. Hopefully as we get past the first generation of foldables and the technology evolves, we’ll see a device like this actually come to market.

Would you carry a device like this TCL foldable prototype as your daily driver?

TCL trifold foldable prototype closed

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