Tango Card raises $35M to modernize how companies send out digital rewards


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Tango Card has raised $35 million, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, adding fuel to super charge growth of the Seattle startup’s digital rewards platform.

David Leeds, Tango Card CEO. (Tango Card Photo)

Tango Card aims to make it easier for companies to provide digital rewards, whether it be a gift card to a well-performing employee, an incentive for signing up for a service or a nonprofit donation in a partner’s name. Businesses spend billions annually around the world on these types of rewards, and Tango Card’s mission is to bring more technology to that industry.

The round brings the eight-year-old company close to $55 million raised in its lifetime. The company last raised money about a year ago, when it brought in a $10 million debt round.

Tango Card representatives were not immediately available for comment.

Tango Card’s platform consists of three main ways to deliver rewards. Its “rewards as a service” API allows companies to integrate digital rewards directly into their apps and platforms. Blast Rewards allows users to fund a gift card account, build an email template and send out digital gift cards. Reward Link lets the customer send out a link for the recipient to pick a gift card or donation of his or her choice.

Today, Tango Card’s LinkedIn employee count stands at roughly 90, up from about 70 last June. Tango Card’s HQ office is in West Seattle, with an engineering office in Boise, Idaho.

Tango Card, which ranks 71st on the GeekWire 200 ranking of privately held Pacific Northwest startups, boasts more than 2,000 enterprise customers. It partners with more than 200 retailers, from companies like Amazon and Best Buy, to restaurants, to movie theaters and more. Tango Card supports donations to 30 nonprofits, such as Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society and Girls Who Code.

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