Taito opens tester sign-ups for Rakugaki Kingdom’s ‘Rakugaki System’

Taito opens tester sign-ups for Rakugaki Kingdom’s ‘Rakugaki System’ – Taito is recruiting testers for its winter-due smartphone RPG Rakugaki Kingdom.

Rakugaki Kingdom uses a system called the “Rakugaki System,” where the pictures you draw become 3D characters, allowing players to progress through the story with characters of their own design. To do early tests on this system, Taito has launched the Rakugaki Supporters program.

Taito will accept applications to become a tester until August 4 at 23:59 JST. The early test play session will run from August 9 at 18:00 JST to September 30 at 23:59 JST.

Here is how to sign-up:

  1. Follow the Rakugaki Kingdom official Twitter account.
  2. Fill out the Rakugaki Supporters registration form.
  3. Retweet this tweet.

Read more about Rakugaki Kingdom on below :


Another world, separate from reality and depicted by drawings.


People called “Clockers,” who possess the power of human thought and the power to create—“artistic value”—are the chosen ones regularly invited to this world. Through the power of their imagination, they can create and control mysterious life-forms called “Rakugaki.”

“Win the tournament, and your any one wish will be granted.”

At the base of the large, seven-color tree known as the “Palette Tree,” a guide named Easel welcomes the Clockers.

However, she has a certain grave secret that she cannot tell anyone.


  • A Smartphone World First! The Pictures You Draw Become 3D Characters! – With the “Rakugaki System,” the pictures you draw on your smartphone will become 3D characters, which you can raise and battle. Both a “Simple Mode” and “Artisan Mode” are being prepared for all players beginners to pros, allowing anyone to easily create character models to the best of their ability.
  • No Drawing Required! Download Player-Submitted Drawings in the Rakugaki Garage! – In the “Rakugaki Garage,” you can upload and download Rakugaki characters created by other players at no cost. The Rakugaki Garage also has a ranking system organized by download number and amount of likes, as well as hashtag search support, allowing players to easily look up characters to download.
  • A Growth System that Allows You to Play 100 Times and Create 100 Different Types of Characters! – The growth system allows you to create completely different characters each time you play based on the choices you make and the Trestars you use, accompanied with a good-feeling, well-paced battle system.

Teaser Trailer

Rakugaki Trailer

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