Windows 10 patch improves dark mode, fixes potential data loss bug

Windows 10 comes with a built-in dark mode, but it has a weird hybrid dark mode bug that brings in elements from both the dark mode and the light mode, which creates... Read more »

Some Windows 10 users are reporting mysterious BSOD errors

A new update is reportedly causing serious issues for some machines running Windows 10. After recent updates, a mysterious Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error stopped Windows 10 devices from booting up... Read more »

Windows 10 in-place upgrade bug means you can no longer keep your files

Reinstalling Windows 10 is an easy and most effective way to fix all kinds of problems with the operating system. Microsoft allows you to refresh your Windows 10 installation with the Media... Read more »

Windows 10 is now nagging users with full screen Microsoft Edge ads

In production builds, Microsoft is A/B testing a new ‘feature’ that is designed to nag users with fullscreen window-less Microsoft Edge recommendations in the OOBE screen. The nag will appear when users... Read more »

Windows 10’s new meeting feature is now live for more users

With the rise of free video conferencing tools, Microsoft is increasingly pushing Skype’s Meet Now feature across its products. The Insider preview builds recently added the Zoom-killer feature to the taskbar and... Read more »

Microsoft says Windows 10 will receive fewer updates next month

Microsoft says it will suspend the rollout of Windows 10 optional preview updates in December 2020 due to “minimal operations” at its Redmond headquarters. Microsoft has been pushing multiple updates every month,... Read more »

Windows 10 now triggers startup apps alert to avoid system slowdown

Windows 10 has always allowed apps to start up automatically when you turn on your computer. Microsoft gives you complete control over your startup apps, but popular Windows programs such as Microsoft... Read more »

Windows 10 on ARM is set to get emulation for traditional 64-bit apps

When Windows 10 on ARM was announced, Microsoft said the platform will offer great battery backup and network connectivity, but Microsoft’s own documents suggest that the platform’s compatibility issues have proven problematic.... Read more »

Windows 10 is getting new features for Cortana, web apps, and more

Remember earlier this year, when Microsoft turned Cortana into a new windowed app that can be unlocked and updated via Store on Windows 10? This new approach has pluses and minuses, but... Read more »
Microsoft quietly deletes Surface Neo promotional video

Microsoft quietly deletes Surface Neo promotional video

Microsoft quietly deletes Surface Neo promotional video – We’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo in recent months but let’s not forget that it’s not the only dual-screen device announced... Read more »