Tab search feature is getting better in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge tab search

Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Edge Canary, bringing
it in line with the latest changes to Chromium, which was
updated with tab search improvements a couple of weeks ago. In
addition to improvements from Chromium, Microsoft Edge is also
getting support for an optional keyboard shortcut to open the
full history page.

As you may be aware, Google recently added a feature called
“tab search” in the Chrome browser. This feature can be
accessed through the browser menu and it allows users to search
for tabs open across all the windows, so they can easily spot
the tab they’re looking for.

Since Edge is based on Chromium open-source platform, Microsoft
can also use features that benefit Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Canary was recently updated with an experimental
flag to enable tab search, which suggests that Chrome’s Tab
Search feature will eventually arrive on Edge.

Edge Canary

Today’s Edge Canary update adds support for timestamp feature
in tab search. Going through the list of tabs in the search and
then manually identifying the most recent tab is a chore
because Edge or Chrome doesn’t recognize when users accessed
the tab.

Thankfully, Microsoft wants to make this process easier by
adding a timestamp for tabs open in the search pane.

This feature is currently in limited testing, but you can use
the browser’s command line to enable tab search manually. To
try tab search now, right-click on the shortcut of Edge Canary
and add “–enable-features=msTabSearch” in the target field.

Microsoft is still testing the tab search feature for Chromium
Edge and it will roll out to users soon.

Keyboard shortcut for history page

In Edge Canary, there is a new flag called “history
accelerator” that will allow you to open the full history page
instead of the flyout menu using the CTRL + H keyboard

For flyout menus, Microsoft is testing a new feature that will
allow you to click on the header name to open the full page.

In addition to these improvements,
Microsoft is also working on new APIs to improve the inking
experience in Edge, Chrome, and other Chromium browsers.

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