T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move will be announced on August 15th

T-Mobile Un-carrier 3 event

T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move is coming soon.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed today that T-Mo’s next Un-carrier move will be announced on August 15th. Legere confirmed the news during T-Mobile’s Q2 2018 earnings call. “Isn’t it about time we shake things up in this industry again? Let me just say that our next industry-shaking Un-carrier move is just two weeks away,” Legere teased.

Unfortunately, Legere didn’t offer any hints as to what T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move might be, so we’ll have to wait until August 15th to find out what T-Mo’s got up its sleeve.

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier moves are usually pretty big, and so a lot of T-Mo customers are excited to learn that another Un-carrier announcement is near. Past moves have included free Netflix for family plans and all-in pricing with taxes and fees included. T-Mobile has made a lot of Un-carrier moves over the years, and so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s cooked up for its next major announcement.

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