T-Mobile’s FamilyMode lets parents monitor their kids’ screen time across devices


T-Mobile’s FamilyMode app and Home Base connected device hub. (T-Mobile Photo)

T-Mobile today introduced FamilyMode, a new device and app combo that lets parents track their kids’ digital activities across devices.

The package includes a hub called Home Base that can manage an unlimited number of devices connected to a home Wi-Fi network and a $10 per month app compatible with Android and iOS that can track devices on the T-Mobile network. Parents can track their kids’ location, see where they are spending their online time, impose and manage restrictions and set time limits.

FamilyMode will be available starting June 29. Home Base will typically sell for $100, but T-Mobile is offering it for $20 as a FamilyMode add-on.

T-Mobile claims FamilyMode stands out from rival carriers’ solutions because it has significantly more capabilities. The company claims other hubs don’t give parents control of devices that aren’t part of the wireless plans, such as game consoles and Smart TVs. Others don’t have the options of setting usage limits and timers.

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