T-Mobile launches exclusive Google One plan

T-Mobile Google One

T-Mobile has announced that it is launching an exclusive Google One pan for its customers, this new plan will be available from the 12th of October.

The company will offer a range of plans and the starting plan comes with 500GB of storage and this will cost you $5 a month.

There is also another plan where you will get 2TB of storage for $10 am month, you can see more details below.

Google One for T-Mobile is available for customers with Android and iOS devices on consumer postpaid plans. T-Mobile customers can sign up for Google One 500GB or 2TB storage plans through their T-Mobile account online, in the T-Mobile app, at their local T-Mobile store or by dialing 611 from their mobile device to reach T-Mobile’s customer care Team of Experts. Sprint customers who have not yet migrated to T-Mobile can sign up for Google One 500GB via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or by calling Sprint Care for iOS, or for Google One 2TB directly through Google. For more information on Google One storage plans for T-Mobile, visit t-mobile.com/brand/why-t-mobile.

With Google One cloud storage for T-Mobile, customers can:

  • Enjoy peace of mind that their photos, videos, contacts and more on their mobile devices are safely backed up to the cloud. If they break or lose their phone, it’s easy to transfer important phone data from their old device to a new one
  • Get extra cloud storage to use across Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos, so they don’t have to worry about running out of space for their important files
    Securely store and access files online from any device, for easy access on the go
  • Share their storage space and plan benefits with up to five additional people — regardless of whether they are on the same T-Mobile account

You can find out more information about these new Google One plans with t-Mobile over at the T-Mobile website at the link below.

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