T-Mobile intros new Essentials plan for customers ‘who want the basics’

T-Mobile logo MWC 2015

T-Mobile is launching a brand new rate plan this week.

T-Mobile Essentials is a plan for customers “who want the basics”. With it, you’ll get unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data. There are a few benefits included, too, like unlimited mobile hotspot at 3G speeds, unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Canada and Mexico, and unlimited texting with $0.25 per minute calling in other international destinations.

Customers who sign up for the T-Mobile Essentials plan may have their speeds slowed during times of network congestion. Also of note is that video will stream at 480p quality. There are a few other T-Mobile One features that’ve been cut in T-Mobile Essentials, like free Netflix for family plans.

The new T-Mobile Essentials plan will launch on August 10th. Pricing starts at $60 per month for a single line and goes up to $30 per month for the second line and $15 per month for lines 3 through 6. These prices all include autopay, so if you opt to not use autopay, you’ll pay an additional $5 per month. T-Mo also says that taxes and fees are extra with its new plan.

If you sign up for T-Mobile Essentials, you will have the option of adding 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot usage for $10 per month. You can also add 512MB of up to 4G LTE data and unlimited calling in Mexico, Canada, and other international destinations for $5 per day.

T-Mobile today also announced a tweak to its T-Mobile One Plus add-on. With T-Mobile One Plus, you can pay $10 per line per month to get 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, but starting August 10th, that will go up to 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot. Pricing for T-Mobile One Plus will increase to $15 per month for a single line or $10 per line per month for family plans.

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