T-Mobile intros GoTo accessories for iPhone and Android devices

T-Mobile GoTo accessories

Smartphone accessories are things that just about everyone needs, whether that’s a case or a charging cable or a battery pack. T-Mobile wants to help keep you accessorized with its new brand of products.

GoTo is a new lineup of accessories from T-Mobile. They’re now available online and in stores, and you can check out the full family of GoTo products right here.

T-Mobile’s GoTo offers a variety of accessories for both iPhone and Android devices. There are Lightning, USB-C, and microUSB charging cables as well as single and dual port wall chargers, and there’s a wireless charging pad if you’d prefer to live the cable-free life. There are battery packs to help you charge up while on the go, too, as well as cases and screen protectors to help keep your expensive smartphone safe.

Pricing for GoTo accessories varies. Most cables cost $14.99 each, while the car chargers and wall chargers will cost $14.99 or $19.99 depending on how many ports you need. Battery packs start at $19.99. If you’re looking for protection for your phone, cases start at $19.99 and glass screen protectors start at $39.99.

T-Mobile’s pricing for its GoTo accessories seems to be a little more expensive than what you’d find from other popular brands if you shopped around online, but the prices are also a bit cheaper than similar accessories sold in T-Mobile’s stores. So if you need a charger or a case for your new phone right away, these GoTo accessories could be worth a look.

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