T-Mobile has another Un-carrier move in the works

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T-Mobile’s had some Un-carrier moves over the years, and today the company revealed that it’s got another one coming soon.

T-Mobile will make a new Un-carrier announcement later this quarter. CEO John Legere teased the move during T-Mo’s Q4 2019 earnings call today (via TmoNews), but he didn’t share any other details of T-Mobile’s plans.

“Yep, that’s right, we’re working on another Un-carrier announcement. Our team of evil geniuses are hard at work on plans to announce our next Un-carrier move that should come later this quarter,” said T-Mobile’s CEO. “Because you know we’ll never stop changing this industry for the better. Stay tuned for more, and let the speculation games begin.”

It’s been a while since T-Mobile launched a new Un-carrier move. T-Mo did announce the New T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0 with three separate moves back in November, but all of those are reliant on the T-Mobile-Sprint merger being allowed to happen. Before that, some of T-Mobile’s past Un-carrier moves included things like Netflix on Us and the T-Mobile One unlimited data plan.

What do you think T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move could be?

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