T-Mobile expanding International Pass add-ons with larger high-speed data allotments

AndroidTechNews.Com – Days after launching new Magenta rate plans, T-Mobile is also rolling out new international roaming add-ons.

T-Mobile today announced a couple of new International Passes for customers traveling abroad. Previously, T-Mo offered a day pass with 512MB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited calling, but now two more add-ons are launching for customers who need more data.

These new International Pass add-ons will be available beginning tomorrow, June 5th, and include unlimited calling:

  • 15GB International Pass includes 15GB of high-speed data to be used up to 30 days for $50
  • 5GB International Pass includes 5GB of high-speed data to be used up to 10 days for $35
  • International Pass includes 512MB of high-speed data for one day at a price of $5

These International Pass add-ons work in more than 210 countries and destinations around the world. You can find the full list of supported locales on the T-Mobile website.

It’s also worth noting that T-Mobile’s new Magenta plans include unlimited texting and 2G data (128Kbps) when traveling abroad. If you step up to a Magenta Plus plan, you’ll get up to double the data speeds (256Kbps). With the Magenta plans, calls are priced at $0.25 per minute.

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