T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger will reportedly get judge’s approval tomorrow

T-Mobile Sprint merger Claure, Legere

A decision in the T-Mobile-Sprint merger trial is reportedly coming soon, and it’s expected to be good news for the two carriers.

Judge Victor Marrero is expected to rule in favor of T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger in the trial between the two carriers and 14 state attorneys general who sued to block the deal from happening.

According to sources speaking to The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, none of the parties in the lawsuit have read the decision yet, so it’s unknown if Judge Marrero has attached any conditions to his ruling. Announcements from T-Mobile and Sprint are expected tomorrow.

T-Mobile and Sprint first announced their plans to merge nearly two years ago. Since then, the deal has been approved by the FCC and Department of Justice, and T-Mobile and Sprint have agreed to a deal with Dish Network that’ll see Dish buy Sprint’s prepaid brands and $3.6 billion of 800MHz spectrum so that it can become a fourth competitive carrier in the U.S.

The deal has faced opposition from a number of state attorneys general, with New York and California leading the fight against the deal. They argue that the merger will lead to less competition, higher prices, and a loss of jobs.

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