T-Mobile and Sprint teaming up to combat scam calls

Scammers and robocalls can be super annoying, which is why T-Mobile and Sprint are teaming up to help protect customers from them.

The two carriers announced today that they’ve partnered on cross-network protection  using the STIR and SHAKEN standards. This means that calls made between T-Mobile and Sprint will be verified and that customers can know that the call is really from who it says it is.

STIR and SHAKEN are technologies meant to fight caller ID spoofing. This is a technique used by scammers and robocallers to make their calls appear legitimate. They do this hijacking a phone number with the same area code and three-digit prefix as yours. 

”While all carriers compete fiercely in the marketplace, we all agree that the industry-wide plague of robocalls and scammers must be tackled arm-in-arm with other carriers as we put the latest technology to work to help protect our customers,” said Sprint CEO Michel Combes.

T-Mobile also confirmed today that its Caller Verified feature is now available on 23 phones, including the Galaxy S10 series, S9 series, S8 series, Note 9 and Note 8, LG G8 and G7, and V40. With this feature, when you get an incoming call that has been confirmed as legitimate, you’ll see “Caller Verified” on your screen.

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