Switching from iPhone X: Samsung Galaxy S9+ or Google Pixel 2 XL?

Google Pixel 2 XL

There are plenty of flagships to choose from out there, a list that definitely includes mid-range handsets that are worth taking a look at. The choices have never been better, and for some folks out there who don’t have any kind of allegiance declared for a specific company, and who don’t mind using one specific platform, it may be pretty daunting.

Unfortunately, the choices between mobile operating systems isn’t where it should be anymore.

Not that iOS and Android don’t deserve to be the last two standing. The two platforms have been the go-to choices for consumers and developers for years. Which means that no matter how badly we might want a webOS or Windows Mobile comeback story, we probably won’t be getting one any time soon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about switching lately. I do that from time to time. I’m someone that likes a unified ecosystem in their house, a place where all of the devices I use exist in the same place. That means I don’t necessarily want to use Google Assistant with my Google Home and Siri on my iPhone, and then throw in Microsoft’s Cortana on the Xbox One for good measure.

In my perfect universe, the one that’s been shaped by years of consuming sci-fi content, all the devices in my home are controlled by one personal assistant.

I can get pretty close to that, but being honest: I don’t think Apple’s the company to get us there. At least, not right now. I’m of the mind that Siri isn’t that bad, considering how Apple handles personal data and security, but I can also freely admit that it pales in comparison to Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and probably even Microsoft’s Cortana. Which means that if I want that one ecosystem for hardware and software, I need to start thinking about change.

could try to make Cortana work. There is the Harman/Kardon smart speaker out there, which has gotten some pretty positive reviews. But I’ve already got a Google Home and, while as a fan of the Halo franchise I want to like Cortana, I think I’d rather just stick to Google Assistant. After all, Google already knows me and I use Google apps for so many things that sticking with that ecosystem makes sense.

(All of this and I’m also switching away from macOS, because the apps that I use every day are finally available for Windows. So I can switch comfortably.)

All of that got me thinking about switching phones, too, and so I wanted to reach out to you and get your opinion. If you, or someone you knew (hey, you know me), was switching away from the iPhone X, which device would you point them towards? But I guess we have to cover some basics.

The iPhone X is fine. I’ve tried to get accustomed to the notch, but I’m just not a fan. I hate seeing it in photos, and I really hate seeing it in video. Perhaps even more than that? I really hate watching video on an iPhone 8-size display, with huge black blocks on the left and right, when I don’t want to watch full-screen video. It drives me crazy.

Other than that, though, the iPhone X is great. I don’t really have any other major issues with it, aside from lingering distaste for the new Control Center and issues with performance/iOS in general.

That being said, the two devices I’m leaning towards in my own efforts, and probably the two I would recommend to someone in the same boat, are the Galaxy S9+ and the Pixel 2 XL.

But, which device would you recommend for someone who is switching away from the iPhone X? Let me know!

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