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SwiftKey Beta and Microsoft Edge for Android updated with new features

Microsoft Edge
Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

Microsoft which purchased SwiftKey in 2016 has introduced many
new features to the application. The company launched the
SwiftKey application for both Android and iOS and has been
regularly updating the application on rival platforms.

To continue with its plan of introducing new features,
Microsoft today has pushed out a new update to the SwiftKey
Beta application for Android devices. The latest beta version
of SwiftKey for Android now comes with Microsoft’s Bing search

The new search option allows users to search the web using Bing
directly from the keyboard. The integration of Bing search
option in SwiftKey keyboard would help users in searching
online by using Microsoft’s Bing directly from the Android

Microsoft has also made sure that Bing remains the default
search engine and users are not allowed to change the search
engine integrated into SwiftKey. This would mean that users who
prefer Google search would need to use the Gboard since it
already is integrated into Android keyboard.

Currently, we are not sure if Microsoft will be allowing users
to change the search engine but since this is a beta version we
could expect Microsoft to introduce some more changes before
the public rollout of the feature on Android device.

With the search support, users will also be able to capture,
crop and send a screenshot to Bing and also share the URL
directly from the keyboard. The latest Swiftkey Keyboard beta
version is currently available for download.

Microsoft Edge update

Android users are receiving a lot of love from Microsoft with
the Redmond Giant also pushing out a new update for its Windows
10 default browser Microsoft Edge.

The latest update pushes the version to and comes
with some improvements to the Favourites management. Users will
now be able to create new Favorite folders.

You will also be able to quickly swipe left or right to move
from one page to another in the tab history along with an
option to hold down the buttons on the bottom bar to view the
quick actions.

Microsoft has also added the Visual Search option which helps
you to search, purchase and get information. You would need to
Tap on the camera icon in the search box and take a picture to
be able to use the Visual Search option.

The latest update to the Edge browser on Android is currently
rolling out and is available for download in the Google Play

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