Surge: Complete Edition Appears to be Free for PS Plus Subscribers


Surge: Complete Edition Appears to be Free for PS Plus Subscribers

June 5, 2018Written by Keri Honea

free surge complete edition

It’s Tuesday, meaning that it’s sale update day on the PlayStation store. The free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers are also now available. But we appear to have an anomaly in this week’s sale that isn’t part of the June PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. The Surge: Complete Edition is evidently free for PS Plus members as well today.

I thought it was a glitch when I saw the store listing showing above. I mean, it clearly has $20.41 in the PlayStation Plus gold discount color. So that Plus Free sticker has to be a mistake, right? Well, just to make sure, I added it to my cart and lo and behold, that puppy is FREE.

free surge complete edition

I did a double-take. I checked out. My card was not charged. I downloaded it for free. It’s sitting on my PS4 right now.

We have no idea if this is a mistake or not, but you can’t beat free. Head on over to the PlayStation Store NOW and pick it up before PlayStation or Focus Home Interactive corrects this mistake.

The Surge: Complete Edition includes the following:

  • the full game (duh),
  • the A Walk in the Park expansion,
  • Fire & Ice Weapon Pack DLC,
  • CREO Special Employee Kit DLC,
  • Cobalt Control Rod DLC, and
  • the CREO PS04 Limited Rig DLC.

If post-apocalyptic futures with rogue robots and big guns is your thing, you probably need The Surge in your life.

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