Surface Laptop users are unable to switch out of S mode

Windows 10 S Mode

Launched way back in 2017, Windows 10 in S Mode is a
lightweight operating system with focus on security and
performance. Some Windows 10 devices including Microsoft’s
Surface Laptop come with “Windows 10 in S Mode”. But users can
leave S Mode and install the full version of Windows for free.

Back in 2017, Microsoft said Windows 10 in S Mode is the right
kind of operating system for students and low-end devices. It
was launched to provide users with better security than any
other version of Windows 10, but Windows 10 in S mode only
allows apps to be installed from the Windows Store.

Users can get out of S Mode by searching for “switch out of S
Mode” in Windows Store, but Surface Laptop owners are
reporting that the switch out of S mode button isn’t

The Microsoft Store page isn’t loading with a generic error
message, blocking users from installing the full version of
Windows 10 with Win32 apps support.

“I started a Brand new laptop for the very first time
yesterday, updated all the stuff and got stack at the same
point, switching out of S mode and never getting the install
button after clicking on get,” a user wrote in a post on
Microsoft’s community forum.

Switch out of S mode
Image Courtesy: Aleksohr (Microsoft forum)

“The “Get” button isn’t working for any apps. There appears to
be a workaround for apps that have a “add to cart” button, but
unfortunately, the switch out of s mode does not have that,”
another user confirmed the bug.

A support representative told me that Microsoft is aware of the
issue and a fix is rolling out to consumers.

Users have also confirmed that the bug has been resolved, but
some are still experiencing issues. As Microsoft has already
deployed the fix, Windows 10’s Switch out of S mode will start
working again in a couple of days.

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