Surface Duo gets a multitasking upgrade with new typing experience

Surface Duo software

The Surface Duo, which starts at $1,399, uses Microsoft’s
SwiftKey keyboard to enable seamless typing experience. Surface
Duo’s biggest problem is software and buggy gestures, but over
the past few weeks,
Microsoft has made multiple improvements to the software
with regular updates.

Last month, Surface Duo was updated to Google’s October
security patch with performance improvements.
Microsoft has also updated Microsoft Launcher to remove
Timeline and optimize overall performance with tweaks to
the app group feature, and more.

Microsoft appears to be testing a new update for SwiftKey
keyboard app that will allow the keyboard to split across both
of the screens with empty space in the middle.

The SwiftKey keyboard comes with haptic feedback, which is
quite satisfying. It also works well for one-handed use, but
the experience is not good enough when you use the Surface Duo
in book mode.

Surface Duo keyboard
Image Courtesy: Reddit

Typing on a dual-screen mobile could be frustrating as you’ve
to stretch your fingers to tap the keys. Reaching the
characters in the middle of the keyboard can be an exercise in
frustration and the experience is also not comfortable for
users with small hands.

Fortunately, this new Swiftkey update will finally allow you to
use both of your thumbs, but the new keyboard layout currently
works only in book-mode or when you open both screens.

It’s worth noting that split keyboards like this have been
around for years on Android phones via Google and other
third-party keyboard makers, but this is the first time
Microsoft’s own keyboard is getting support for split typing on
dual-screen hardware.

The update appears to be rolling out to select beta testers and
it should show up on all Surface Duo phones later this year.

In addition to the SwiftKey keyboard update,
Microsoft is believed to be working on a big Surface Duo
software update with camera features and significant
performance improvements, but we don’t know when it will

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