Surface Duo could start a new smartphone era with these accessories

Surface Duo with keyboard mouse

With Surface Duo, Microsoft seeks to combine the best of their
hardware and Google’s Android ecosystem. Surface Duo’s key
feature is seeing information from two apps at once, which
allows you to be more productive as you can use multiple apps
at the same time without having to switch apps.

Surface Duo is also pushing Android’s user interface towards
dual-screen optimization and Microsoft is working with
Google on a number of exciting features. For example, Surface
Duo’s software has been specifically designed to dynamically
shift dock icons to the display not running an app.

Microsoft doesn’t have a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard or mouse
accessory available for the Surface Duo, but of course, the
dual-screen hardware is already compatible with any third-party
cases and keyboards out there.

Surface Duo with mouse
Image Courtesy: Kyle

As you can see in the photo above, you can attach the Surface
Duo to a phone stand, use keyboard and mouse to control Office
apps, type out emails, or whatever other long-form text you

When you use Android with a mouse, the experience is not “good”
enough, but it’s better than you’d think. There are enough
mouse and keyboard functionalities in Android to make Surface
Duo a viable option when you want to use it as a pocket PC.

There are some rough edges when we try to navigate Android with
a mouse. For the most part, scrolling works pretty well, but
there are a few oddities.

Surface Duo with keyboard
Image Courtesy: Qoyuble (Reddit)

It’s important to understand that Android will always be a
touch-first interface, but for a device like the Surface
Device, you can get around the mobile OS fairly well without
having to touch the screen of the device.

If you only use a keyboard with Surface Duo, you will still
have to tap the screen constantly. For example, you’ll have to
use the touch screen to unlock your phone if a pattern lock is
active. Touch access is also required when you have to use
special menus in advance apps.

Fortunately, most Microsoft apps are compatible with keyboard
and mouse.

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