Super Bomberman R version 2.1 update now available, adds nine characters, three stages, more


Super Bomberman R

Konami has released the version 2.1 update for Super Bomberman R across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

The update adds the following new content, via Konami:

  • New Characters
    • Solid Snake Bomber (voiced by David Hayter)
    • Naked Snake Bomber (voiced by David Hayter)
    • Raiden Bomber
    • Bill Bomber
    • Lance Bomber
    • Vic Viper ZERO Bomber
    • Ayako Katagiri Bomber
    • Ebisumaru Bomber
    • Xavier Woods Bomber
  • “Checkpoints” Rule – Adds a layer of excitement in Grand Prix mode as you scramble to take over the battlefield in checkpoints that appear in stage. How long you and your opponents stay in designated checkpoints will determine how many points you can earn – or lose. The team with the most points wins!
  • 3 New Stages – Uniquely themed stages offering additional challenges.
  • Themed Accessories – Fun new accessories from the Metal Gear, Contra, Origami and Cat series.

Watch a trailer for the update below.

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