Summer in Mara Kickstarter campaign launched


Summer in Mara

Spanish developer Chibig Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its September 2018-announced summer adventure game Summer in Mara. It is seeking €20,000 in funding (approx. $22,864 USD).

At base funding, Summer in Mara will be released for PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, and Mac in 2019. Chibig Studio said it would also like to develop an Xbox One version, but due to limited resources it would require reaching an (unspecified) stretch goal.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Kickstarter campaign:


Summer in Mara is an adventure at your own pace. Take care of your island and customize it as you want. Explore an open ocean full of places to travel and people to meet and trade with.

Set in a tropical ocean, Summer in Mara is a single-player game about farming and crafting, with an easy-RPG system and exploration elements. You’ll be Koa, a little adventurer who has to take care of her own island.

You can also sail away on your boat and discover new different islands. With new islands come new people. You will trade and bargain or just chat with them. Getting to know these people is a significant part of the game because every one of them has their own unique and exciting story.

Afterward, you can go back to your island and manage your resources to improve your home, grow new crops and create new structures.

Farm the land, craft new tools, and take care of the island on your island, then explore new islands, meet new people, and buy and sell items in the Mara sea. This is the circle of life: take care of your home island, travel through the ocean to get new items and help others, and then come back to your home.

Summer in Mara is a calm and relaxing experience with a handmade look and a compelling narrative.

Key Features

  • More than 150 quests to make the world a better place.
  • Over 20 characters to meet and trade with. Befriend them!
  • More than 130 inventory items to craft, use, and trade.
  • Improve your boat, make it bigger and faster.
  • Unlock and acquire new skills and abilities for Koa, helping her to craft, trade and explore in an easy-RPG system.
  • Day and night cycle with climate events.

Watch the Kickstarter trailer below.

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