Study: Cortana attempts more questions than other assistants

Cortana Beta

For the past year or two, Microsoft has been shifting the way
it is building and positioning Cortana against the rivals. As
part of the new strategy, Microsoft is focusing on the digital
assistant’s ability to complete tasks more easily and on the
behalf of users.

According to a new study,
Microsoft’s Cortana offers most answers but Google Assistant is
most accurate. The study states that Cortana has attempted to
answer the most questions in 2019 than it did in 2018, but
accuracy declined on all devices.

The following chart compares Cortana, Alexa and Google
Assistant by the number of answers attempted. Cortana is
clearly the winner and it responded with both accurate and
inaccurate answers. In past one year, Cortana and Alexa both
have grown the most in answer attempts, while Google Assistant

Digital assistant study

While Cortana may have managed to attempt more questions, it
has suffered a significant decline in accuracy. Google
Assistant topped the accuracy chart and Alexa is on the second
spot. Siri also declined in accuracy.

Accuracy study

Cortana can now attempt the most number of questions, while
Google Assistant continues to be assistant with the highest
percentage of questions that are fully and correctly answers,
and Alexa is catching up with Google.

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