Steam’s Latest Sale Offers Gaming Goodness On The Cheap

The weekend is nearly here and if you have nothing planned or winter is still holding on in your area as it is in mine, perhaps the best weekend is spent indoors playing some sweet games. The good news is that Steam is having a massive sale right now and it has some awesome games that you can pick up for bargain basement prices. My favorite on the list is Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

civ 5 steam sale

Civ V isn’t the newest game in the franchise by any means, but if you throw a rock into a room filled with Civ fans you will hit a bunch who think Civ V is the best game in the franchise. The game originally landed in September of 2010 and still looks good and plays well today. Civ V runs well on most modern computers and as an avid player of the game, I suspect that an update has landed in the last few months that fixed a nasty and consistent crashing issue with the game on Windows 10.

You can get Civ V during the Steam sale for $7.49; that is 75% off the normal $29.99 price. The Complete Edition of the game is $12.70, a 91% discount and most definitely worth the extra five spot with hordes of extra content and civs to control.

If turn-based strategy isn’t your cup of tea, the entire The Witcher series is on sale. The original The Witcher has been around for 11 years now and you can pick the enhanced edition of that game up for $1.49. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings landed in 2011 and its enhanced edition is on Steam for $3. The latest game in the franchise was 2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the Game of the Year Edition of that title with all expansions and content is $20. The entire The Witcher franchise will set you back less than $25.

the witcher 3 steam sale

If neither of those games catches your fancy a huge number of games are on sale now. Games like Plague Inc: Evolved for $6, Famer Manager 2018 for $17, or Mount and Blade for $3. The sale page has a total of 1,832 games on discount right now. You are sure to find something that can make the weekend fun.

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