Square Enix Job Posting Says Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is an Action Game


Square Enix Job Posting Says Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is an Action Game

August 3, 2018Written by Jeremy Winslow

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A leak back in May 2018 suggested a 2023 release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which it’ll definitely be a while before the game makes its way out of the oven. Perhaps a few more years could be tacked on, as a new Square Enix job listing suggests the game may be changing focus to become more action-oriented.

The Square Enix job listing explicitly describes the position as one that will “carry the core of Final Fantasy VII Remake that is being remade as an action game.” This should come as no surprise, as previously released gameplay footage revealed that the game’s much more action-oriented than the original Final Fantasy VII, but this is the first time Square Enix has outright said that Final Fantasy VII Remake is—or, at least, is described as—an action game.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake job listing states that the company is looking for 3DCG (3D Computer Graphics) designers to work as VFX designers on the remake. It seems these VFX designers will be required to work on general effect data while using Unreal Engine 4’s cascade particle editor. (This is a tool typically used for battles, fields, making and implementing event scenes and backgrounds, and more.) In addition to working with the cascade particle editor tool, Final Fantasy VII Remake VFX designers will also work closely with team’s programmers to create rules to mass-produce data for the game.

It should be worth noting that action game doesn’t translate to action-RPG. Although we don’t know much else about Final Fantasy VII Remake, we do know that it is in development. We’ll just have to wait—probably until the end of time—to see what kind of game Final Fantasy VII Remake ends up becoming.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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