Square Enix “can’t say anything” about additional content in Dragon Quest XI for Switch


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

During the Square Enix Holdings 38th General Meeting of Stockholders last week, the company answered various questions regarding Dragon Quest XI for Switch, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the potential of future Dragon Quest remakes.

Here are the quotes, via Suzukin Online:

Question: Regarding the additional elements in the Switch ports of Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes I II, are there plans to add those to the PlayStation 4 versions as downloadable content? Also, will the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI have additional elements?

Yuu Miyake: “It’s the first time we were porting both Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes I II just as they are. Up until now, the content [of our ports] has changed a fair amount. PlayStation 4 and Switch have a quite different customer base, and a bit of time has passed, so we have to make up the difference one way or another. Giving this back to the PlayStation 4 version would be difficult. I can’t say anything about Dragon Quest XI. (Laughs.) There are promotional plans in the works from here on out so we’ll be releasing more information when the time comes.”

Question: Regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s been three years since it was announced at E3 2015. About what percentage has development progressed?

Shinji Hashimoto: “I can’t say a single word about that. As it has been reported, we took a second look at the development structure and continued from there. It’s certainly hitting its milestones accordingly.”

Yosuke Matsuda: “There is a lot being said about it, but it’s progressing as it should so please don’t fret. Things are coming along well.”

Question: Outside of Final Fantasy VII Remake, is there also a possibility for HD remakes of Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II? The series just celebrated 30 years, so I’d like to ask about that.

Yuu Miyake: “We’d love to do it. Creating Dragon Quest XI as a full HD game has proved rather challenging. Where would it be best to focus our resources? There was talk about doing a remake of Dragon Quest III about four or five years ago, but when push comes to shove, wouldn’t it be better to make Dragon Quest XII instead? (Laughs.) There are other series and new titles lined up, so I think it would depend on the timing. At the moment we don’t have any plans for it, but there is room for discussion.”

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