Sprint to offer unlimited LTE data to Always Connected Windows 10 PCs


It is normally difficult for a new category of devices to gain
momentum among the customers if they have been used to a
particular category of devices for a very long time. It stays
true even if the new category offers something really useful.
In this case, people have been used to traditional laptops and
notebooks for a very long time. Always Connected PCs are
perfect for people who travel a lot and have connectivity and
battery life as their main priority. But then again they will
need an extra push for them to actually buy the product.
Luckily, for Always Connected PCs, this push comes in the form
of free unlimited data.

One of the main selling point of Always Connected PCs is of
course connectivity. This can be enabled by inserting a SIM of
a carrier of your choice or by putting an e-SIM if you want to
switch carriers often. But data packs does come at a price.

The fourth-largest mobile network provider in the United
States, Sprint, has agreed to solve this issue by providing
free unlimited LTE data to customers who buy any of the Always
Connected PCs. These include the HP Envy X2, Asus NovaGo, and
the Lenovo Miix 630. The offer will be available till December
31st of 2018.

After the offer expires, users can opt to pay $15 a month to
get the unlimited LTE data offer. It can be reduced to $10 if
you enable autopay. Keep in mind that you would have to pay
extra for taxes. Also, there could be speed throttling if you
reach a particular threshold of data usage.

Sprint has not yet confirmed whether or not the offer is
available for existing users of Always Connected PCs. So we are
not sure if this offer is only to tempt people into buying
these devices. At the time of writing this story, Sprint is not
selling these devices in their stores.

Free unlimited data offers for Always Connected PCs makes all
the sense in the world. Customers won’t have to worry about
data costs at least until the offer expires. Sprint might
announce more details about this offer in the coming days.

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