Sprint reportedly introducing Unlimited 55+ plan on May 18

Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan leak

Following T-Mobile’s launch of an Unlimited 55+ rate plan last year, a new report claims that Sprint will launch a similar offering.

Sprint will launch a plan called Unlimited 55+ on May 18, according to Android Police. It’ll reportedly include unlimited talk, text, and data, unlimited mobile hotspot, and Global Roaming service that’ll let customers text and use data at 2G speeds in 185 countries.

There will allegedly be some restrictions with this plan, too, like video streams being limited to 480p, music streaming capping out at 500kbps, and game streaming being limited to 5Mbps. The unlimited mobile hotspot will be limited to 3G speeds, too, and international data usage will be limited to 100MB at 2G speeds. Finally, customers will have their data usage deprioritized during times of congestion if their usage crosses a certain threshold.

As for pricing, the Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan is expected to cost $50 for one line and $70 for two lines. To compare, T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plan is $50 per month for one line and $70 for two lines when you enroll in autopay.

Based on the details included in this leak, Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ plan doesn’t sound like something that’ll get T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ customers to switch. T-Mo’s international data usage is offered in around 45 fewer countries than Sprint’s, but with T-Mo you get unlimited international data usage at 2G speeds rather than being limited to 100MB.

This Unlimited 55+ plan is a bit cheaper than Sprint’s standard plan, especially if you sign up for two lines. The benefits aren’t quite as nice as Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan, but if you’re aged 55 or older, the savings might be worth the trade-off. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ plan becomes official.

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