Sprint offering Galaxy broken screen repairs for $49, even if you’re on a different carrier

Galaxy S9

Breaking your smartphone’s screen can be a huge bummer. Not only can it affect the way you use your phone — be careful of glass shards! — but it can be expensive to get a repair. Enter Sprint.

Sprint has announced that it will fix broken screens on several recent Samsung Galaxy smartphones for $49. What’s more, Sprint will fix your broken Galaxy screen even if you’re not a Sprint customer.

The phones that qualify for this $49 screen repair include the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and S8+, Galaxy S9 and S9+, and Galaxy Note 8.

If your device isn’t eligible for repair, you can trade it into Sprint and get a $150 credit toward a new device. Devices eligible for this offer include the iPhone 6s and higher as well as the Galaxy S5 and higher.

Sprint’s $49 Galaxy screen repair offer will be valid through February 9th. You’ll have to visit a Sprint store to get the work done, and the carrier does note that same-day service is not guaranteed.

Getting a broken screen repaired can be pretty pricey, with some shops charging $200 or more for the job. Being able to get your broken screen fixed for just $49 at Sprint is a pretty nice deal, plus you know that the work is being done by a well-known company rather than you having to resort to a sketchy shop for a cheap screen repair.

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