Sprint offering free 4G LTE data for Snapdragon PCs

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PCs powered by a Snapdragon processor are attractive because they can include cellular connectivity, letting you get online anywhere. Now Sprint is making these devices even more attractive with a special offer.

Sprint is now offering free unlimited 4G LTE data with the purchase of a Snapdragon-powered PC. This offer is valid with the ASUS NovaGo, HP Envy x2, and Lenovo Miix 630.

Snapdragon PCs Sprint free unlimited 4G LTE data

This special offer will be valid until December 31, 2018, after which point owners of Snapdragon PCs will need to pay $15 per month after a $5 autopay discount to maintain their service.

We may be five months into 2018, but this is still a pretty sweet deal for anyone interested in a Snapdragon-powered PC. And because these laptops come with Windows 10 and physical keyboards, you can get work done on the go, all without having to worry about finding Wi-Fi or paying for a wireless connection.

Does the prospect of a laptop with built-in cellular connectivity interest you?

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