Sprint launching $25 unlimited plan on August 24th

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A couple of months ago, Sprint made big news when it launched a $15 unlimited plan that was only offered for a week. That plan is now coming back, but with a slight change.

Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstart plan will be available tomorrow, August 24th. Pricing will be set at $25 per month, which is $10 more than last time the plan was offered. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, with video streaming up to 480p, music streaming up to 500Kbps, and game streaming up to 2Mbps. Also of note is that your data speeds may be slowed during times of network congestion. 

If you’re interested in signing up for the Unlimited Kickstart plan, you’ll need to bring your smartphone or buy a new one from Sprint at full price. You’ll also need to port your number from another carrier. Finally, you’ll need to enroll in autopay.

This plan will not be offered in stores, which means you’ll need to sign up online. You’ll need to act fast, too, because Sprint says that the deal will be gone in a “flash”. The last time that Sprint offered its Unlimited Kickstart plan, it was only available for one week, so don’t be surprised if it disappears again in a week this time around.

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