Spectacles 3 for Snapchat feature second camera and $380 price tag

Snapchat Spectacles 3 official

Snap is back today with another pair of camera-equipped sunglasses for taking Snapchat photos and videos.

Spectacles 3 are now official and available for pre-order. They’re available in two colors, a black version called Carbon and a pale gold color called Mineral, and they’re priced at $380. The new Spectacles 3 will launch in November, but you can pre-order a pair right now.

The major addition to the newest pair of Spectacles is a second camera that enables you to capture depth in your photos and videos, enabling you to add 3D filters and lenses to your snaps. Included with the new Spectacles 3 is a 3D Viewer that you can drop your phone into and get a more immersive view of your 3D snaps.

The new Spectacles 3 also have an updated design with a body made of stainless steel and adjustable acetate tips. There’s a four microphone array for use when taking videos, and LED indicator lights let others know when you’re recording. Also included is an updated charging case that holds four charges and folds flat when not in use.

Spectacles 3 Carbon

Snap tells The Verge that the Spectacles 3 can record 70 videos and more than 200 photos on a single charge. The sunglasses include 4GB of storage that can hold up to 100 videos or 1,200 photos. Photos taken with Spectacles 3 have a resolution of 1642×1642, while videos are 1216×1216.

As with previous versions of Spectacles, you’ll need to manually transfer photos and videos taken with the Spectacles 3 by connecting them to your phone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. One exception is that iPhone users who are on their home Wi-Fi and have their spectacles charging have the option of automatically transferring their snaps, but other than that, you’ll have to do your transfers manually.

Spectacles 3 definitely look like an upgrade over previous versions, with a stylish stainless steel body, a second camera, and a charging case that looks much easier to carry around than previous versions. At $380, though, they’re more than twice the price of Spectacles 2, and that could be a pretty big ask for all but the most hardcore Snapchat users, even with the upgrades that Spectacles 3 offer.

Spectacles 3 Mineral

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