Sony’s Testing New PS VR Livestreaming and Mixed Reality Features

Sony’s Testing New PS VR Livestreaming and Mixed Reality Features

April 15, 2018Written by Zarmena Khan

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At this year’s GDC, Sony revealed that it’s currently testing new PlayStation VR livestreaming and mixed reality features, details of which are now beginning to trickle out.

RoadtoVR reports that Sony’s Research & Development Lead Richard Forester discussed “easy access broadcasting” that’s similar to the current Share feature but modifies first-person view for fullscreen output, and gives players the ability to position a virtual camera within the game world. A steadicam mode and filters could then be applied to the output.

A “producer on the couch” mode is also being tested, which allows a second user to direct the livestream by making real-time adjustments like camera views, and add live commentary. Sony acknowledged in its presentation that it may also need to tweak the way a player is rendered in third-person view for a better viewer experience. For instance, adding kinematics will allow players to move more naturally, making the livestream more realistic for viewers.

Sony has been using an internally built air hockey VR demo to experiment with the aforementioned ideas. Unfortunately, none of these features are currently a part of the company’s roadmap for PS VR as they may require stronger hardware to execute. However, Forester said that Sony’s dedicated to improving user experience.

You can find more details on the presentation at RoadtoVR.

[Via: VentureBeat]

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