Some Microsoft apps are getting a new design for Windows 11

Windows 11 apps redesign

At this point, we’ve already heard plenty about what Windows 11
and the new Microsoft Store are going to bring with them.
Windows 11 brings a new interface to Start Menu, Action Center,
and more. As expected, several apps developed by Microsoft are
also getting a fresh coat of paint.

Windows 11 is all about design and it adopts Microsoft’s Fluent
Design along with Mica to offer a cleaner interface with better
consistency. It also drops sharp corners for rounded corners to
build a “more human and approachable language” and improve your
productivity and multitasking experience.

Ahead of
Windows 11 rollout in October, Microsoft is apparently
planning to bring Fluent and WinUI redesign to all major apps,
Paint and even Notepad. On June 24, Microsoft officially
teased a new design for the Photos, Notepad and Paint apps on
Windows 11.

It appears that two of the most popular Windows apps,
Calculator and PowerToys, are also getting a new design.

Windows Calculator

Way back in 2019, Microsoft made the code for Windows
Calculator public and released it on GitHub under the
permissive MIT license.

Windows Calculator is now publicly maintained with feedback
from the community. In a new roadmap
update posted on Github, Microsoft has confirmed Calculator
app’s existing design will be updated to follow the latest
guidelines for Fluent Design and WinUI, such as rounded corners
and transparency effect.

Windows 11 Calculator
Image Courtesy: Dominic

As part of the next big update, Microsoft will be adding a new
settings page to include new customization options for the app.

In addition to a new design, Microsoft is also migrating the
codebase to C#.


As you’re probably aware, Microsoft currently offers a
collection of utilities called PowerToys.

This app was originally released for Windows 95 and it was
eventually recreated for Windows 10/11 to enable advanced
features for users. New tools continue to be developed and
Microsoft recently added a feature that lets you enable
“always-on” mode.

In a thread posted on
Github, Microsoft officials have confirmed that PowerToys will
be updated with WinUI (2.6) controls to match the new look and
feel of Windows 11.

“We will not support multiple UX systems. It becomes near
impossible to support and test. Apps have different UXs all the
time. We will adopt the Windows 11 style as it is much more
adaptable and flexible,” Microsoft’s Clint Rutkas noted on June

As part of the new design for PowerToys, we’re expecting minor
improvements, a new UX for the settings page, and more rounded

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