Some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners say they’re having Wi-Fi and LTE reception issues

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Lots of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners are now enjoying their shiny new smartphones with their new A12 Bionic processors and improved cameras. But some folks have encountered a problem with their new phones.

Some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners are reporting that their new phones have poor cellular and Wi-Fi reception. Specifically, some users say that their new iPhones have weaker reception compared to whatever iPhone that they had before. When it comes to cellular, there are reports of iPhones getting a weaker signal that older models, while others say that their new iPhone frequently drops its LTE connection.

Meanwhile, some iPhone owners report that their new iPhone has weaker reception in the same spot where their previous iPhone had a stronger connection. Other folks are saying that their new iPhone is preferring slower 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections rather than speedier 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Apple hasn’t issued a comment about these reported issues, so it’s unclear what might be happening. Some have speculated that these LTE issues could be the result of lots of new phones being activated this weekend and bogging down the cellular networks, while others have suggested that the cellular and Wi-Fi woes could be the result of a software problem. There are reports from customers across all four major U.S. carriers.

Are you iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners experiencing any cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity issues?

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