Snapchat gaining Snappables AR games

Snapchat is known for its ephemeral messaging, but today Snap Inc. announced that it’s adding something a bit different to Snapchat.

Snappables are new augmented reality (AR) games that you play within Snapchat. These Lenses are controlled using touch, motion, or even facial expressions. For example, one game shown in Snapchat’s announcement video shows someone controlling a weightlifter with their eyebrows, while another shows someone blowing kisses at their screen.

Snapchat Snappables AR games

Some Snappables will let you challenge your friends to beat your high score, while others will let you invite them to multiplayer games. New Snappables will be released each week, so there should be a regular stream of games for you to check out.

The games shown in Snapchat’s announcement video are definitely interesting, with the players all making some pretty exaggerated expressions in public. Snapchat has been big on AR in the past, using the tech for its various Lenses, but it remains to be seen how popular Snappables will become. Perhaps Snapchat users will check them out when they’re already killing time inside the app.

Are you going to give Snappables a try?

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