Skyrim: ThinkGeek Unveils First Ever Statue of Female Dragonborn


Skyrim: ThinkGeek Unveils First Ever Statue of Female Dragonborn

June 22, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

Jokes about the number of times Bethesda has re-released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are likely to persist. Therefore, with the reach Skyrim has, it’s no wonder that merchandise is plentiful. In some respects. Fans can purchase Dovahkiin statues, felt helms, dragon pendants, apparel and much more. For some reason, however, licensed merchandise featuring a female Dragonborn has yet to see the light of day. Seven and a half years after Skyrim’s initial release and ThinkGeek is debuting something special.

As a part of their Modern Icons Collection, ThinkGeek is producing a female Dragonborn statue. The 10 ounce figure is made of PVC and stands just over 9 inches tall. This collectible will run fans $50 USD and is sold exclusively through GameStop and ThinkGeek’s website.

ThinkGeek’s item description explains why the company think its finally time the female Dovahkiin shines:

“Even though many of us choose to Fus Ro Dah as a female Dovahkiin, there hasn’t been a lot of mass-produced representation of that option out there. So after we carried a Dragonborn figure and variant that sold well, we thought, ‘You know, we here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ could aim to fix that discrepancy ourselves.’

“We bring you the first ever licensed statue representation of the Dragonborn as a woman. Standing over 9″ tall, this figure looks like her blades are ready for battle. Which is good, because there appears to be a dragon’s tail curling up from the mountain around her feet.”

The statue is available for purchase now.

[Source via Game Informer]

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