Skype is getting a new Spotify Add-in for insiders

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Skype Insiders are in for a treat as Microsoft has begun
rolling out a new Spotify add-in for Skype version 8.26 and
higher. Skype Insider twitter handle has just tweeted about
this rollout.

As mentioned in the tweet, the add-in is only available to
Skype Insiders in the US. It will be available soon to all
Skype Insiders around the world.

In case you didn’t know, Skype add-ins are services that you
can integrate into Skype chats. These add-ins are available
only on Android(version 6 and above), iPhone and iPad which is
funny because Skype is a Microsoft service and the Windows
version of Skype doesn’t support add-ins. Skype add-ins can be
added on supported devices by tapping the Add to chat (+)
button. You can select the required Add-in and then click on
Send to your contact at the bottom to send a URL or card to the

Skype is was once the most popular communication app but soon
lost its ground in front of apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.
Skype is still used primarily as a business communication app
but Microsoft has been trying a lot to make Skype more
appealing to normal consumers. Last year Skype received a
massive design overhaul which was inspired a lot from apps
like Facebook and Snapchat.

With the Spotify add-in, users can search for songs, artists,
and albums. They can preview and share music and of course,
they can also play music on Spotify.

Once the user opens the Spotify Add-in, he can either search
for music or choose something from the suggestions. While
searching, the user can also preview the song by taping the
play button. But not all songs will have a preview option. For
those songs, the play button will be unavailable. After
selecting the song, the user can press the Send button to share
the preview with his contact. Tap on the Play on Spotify link
to play the full song. Songs without the preview can also
be sent to contacts but the contact would have to play the song
on the Spotify app or website.

We hope that add-ins like Spotify can get more users for Skype
but Microsoft still has a lot more to go if they want Skype to
be more consumer friendly.

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