Should more smartphones adopt the pop-out camera?

Oppo Find X

Before the iPhone X was announced, and when people thought it was going to be called the iPhone 8, there were rumors that Apple was going to hide the front-facing camera behind the display. The reason for this, of course, was because the rumor mill had been working diligently to paint a picture where the next iPhone would drop the bezels altogether.

Part of that came true, for the most part. The iPhone X does indeed have drastically reduced bezels, but the front-facing camera is definitely not hidden behind the display. We’ve all seen the notch by now, because it’s all over the place, with Android manufacturers adopting it, too.

Not all, though! Samsung seems to be holding strong.

And then there are manufacturers like Vivo and Oppo, who have decided that they’re going to fully embrace the minimized bezel movement. Going all-in, even. The Vivo Nex has a pop-out selfie camera, which is definitely a unique fix. But wait, Oppo decided to take it one step further.

We saw the Oppo Find X yesterday, which features a pop-out selfie camera, too, but takes it one step further by putting all of the cameras in that pop-out enclosure. So even the pair of rear cameras are completely hidden until you activate the camera app.

Having a pop-out camera feels . . . more of a hassle than anything else. Even if the camera pops out in just 0.5 seconds, as Oppo says its design allows for, it’s still waiting. Of course, 0.5 seconds is pretty fast, so maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal in practice.

I’ve always been a fan of some crazy designs –even if I don’t actually use them– and I think the pop-out cameras are definitely interesting. Are we going to see them adopted by some of the other smartphone makers? Samsung is probably going to lean into dual-screen phones before they get pop-out cameras going. Out of all of them, I could see LG trying to figure out “the best possible pop-out camera”.

I’m curious, though. In an either-or situation, would you pick up a smartphone with a pop-out camera to keep away from bezels? Or do you prefer to have some bezel if it means your cameras aren’t hidden? Let me know!

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