Several new features are reportedly being developed for Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft is internally testing a big update for the Windows 10
App Store with several new changes and improvements. According
to developer Gustave, the improved Microsoft comes with a new
feature that lets you manage subscription. There’s also a
new button for downloads and updates.

In a series of tweets,
developer Gustave revealed the Microsoft Store features that
have been in the works.

Store downloads and update button

The new “downloads and updates” button acts like a hub as it
allows users to access other options including the new
subscription system. The downloads and updates button is
located at the header section of the Microsoft Store and you
can access it on any page.

Microsoft Store subscription

The above-mocked UI shows off the Microsoft Store subscription
feature that will let you manage the subscription. There’ll be
a page that let you renew the subscription. Microsoft Store is
getting a new feature that will let you manage all the
subscriptions or memberships like Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Store header

Microsoft is also working on a contextual store header
that would show additional categories when you’ll open a
page. The homepage is also getting an update and it looks
more arranged and prettier.

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